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We are a donor-supported ministry, so we rely on the thoughtful prayer and financial support from our ministry friends, members, and church communities. If you would like to help support Cross Wired because you are touched by the mission and vision to helping others and see the hope that it can bring, please prayerful supporting us in the following ways.



Prayer is the single greatest thing that anyone could do for us here at Cross Wired. We know that their is a spiritual adversary that doesn't want people to see growth and healing take place. Please commit to praying for our staff, our group leaders and the member community we have here at Cross Wired. We want to see victory in people's lives and for God's truth to be seen clearly in the ministry that occurs.  



As mentioned, we are a donor-supported ministry. We would not be able to reach people if it weren't for the generosity and faithfulness of those supporting our ministry financially. We make sure financial gifts go toward providing materials and resources to those in need. If this is something that the Lord has placed on your heart to give to, please click on the donate button below and consider a once-time or recurring donation.


             We have not yet received our 501c3 status so your gift is not tax deductible!  



If you're one that is completely inspired to help this ministry, we would love help sharing it with others. This can be done through sharing it with your church or other churches, sharing it with family and friends, reposting our resources on social media, or purchasing our Cross Wired merchandise and becoming a supporter through the ministry of "silent promotion." Ok, so that's not really a thing, but your passion for it will be seen by others. Please check out our store to see the apparel and resources we offer.  



Lastly, is the ministry of Group Leadership. As a group leader, you will help to facilitate small groups of people in Cross Wired communities. This can be done online or in area churches. The idea is not to have all of the answers in leading, but facilitating healthy community discussions, sharing God's word, providing helpful resources, and having meaningful fellowship in each community. If you have a heart to serve in this manner, please click the button below and learn more about starting a small group today. 

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