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Cross Wired began in July of 2011, by Keith and Kathy Juhnke. The mission of Cross Wired was to educate and support those who are suffering with Bipolar or Depression. However, over time and with many conversations, the ministry grew and started focusing on a wide range of Mental Health disorders and healthy alternatives means of managing the journey to healthy healing. In 2022, the ministry went through its relaunch 2.0-style with new branding, website, and a variety of new resources to help support the encouragement, education and support of group members online and in churches. Our hope is to reach those that need support across the U.S. and provide them a safe and support community in which to grow forward in Christ and in health.




I am Keith Juhnke, and my amazing wife is Kathy. 


In 1985 I spent 7 months in depression brought on by a struggling marriage and business. My mother in law thought the problem was spiritual so she nurtured me through this time without the use of drugs! Yes the depression was for a season.

One day it lifted and I got back to life. In 1988 my business failed and my wife left me. This devastated me. I began to spiral down. I spent two weeks in fasting and prayer. I then experienced the manic side of bipolar. I was committed to a psychiatric hospital against my will and forced to take lithium. Three weeks later I was released. The marriage ended.


Thank God I had my three children.


A few weeks after I was released my hands started shaking. The Doctor had another pill for the shakes. I refused the pill and went to my pastor and asked him to watch me because I was going to stop all medication. I functioned fine without the medication.


In 1996 I had another elevation in my spirit (Mania). The pastor of the church I was attending signed the papers to have me committed against my will. I was put on Depicote. After three weeks I was released and court ordered to stay on Depicote. I went against the court order and stopped the medication before the bottle was empty! Again I got back on my feet and did fine without the medication.


There is much more to my story but that is for another time. God has been faithful through it all. The only time I have been on medication is when the system forced me to take it.


Now God has given me a bipolar platform to minister His healing to those who desire a drug free solution to Bipolar and Depression.

Things we know about the psychiatric system.

1. It is Godless!

2. They have no hope for healing!

3. They promote drug dependency!

4. Drugs have side effects and they are as hard

    to stop as illegal drugs!

5. Diagnoses are based on behavior not science!

Kathy and I are available for workshops.

In Christ


Keith and Kathy Juhnke



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